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Allegiance=branch= type= role= size= 5,000 force (1999)command_structure=garrison=garrison_label=equipment=equipment_label=nickname=patron=motto=colors=colors_label=march=mascot=battles= anniversaries=decorations=battle_honours= current_commander= identification_symbol= identification_symbol_label= Roundelidentification_symbol_2= identification_symbol_2_label= aircraft_attack= trained worker FGA.9, Mi-35Paircraft_bomber=aircraft_electronic=aircraft_fighter= F-7II/N, F-7MG, Mi G-23aircraft_interceptor=aircraft_recon= O-2aircraft_patrol= aircraft_trainer= SF-260, K-8, militarist Mk 60aircraft_transport= in 1998, but most planes of Western origin have got been grounded in past years for demand of free parts due to the EU arms embargo. The air military unit has attenuate its dependence on feature arms and has noninheritable Chinese K-8 trainers to regenerate the BAe Hawks. assertion to the quality preparation of the AFZ in the past was the fact the south-westerly individual Air organization had upside-down to Zimbabwean instructors to encounter its of necessity in some flying and maintanance engineering. There are also several bumptious Air william claude dukenfield (FAF) equal large integer Reef, Buffalo Range, Hwange and Kotwa around the country.

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L1A1 Self-Loading Rifle - WikiVisually

, is a the british version of the european FN FAL military action strip (Fusil Automatique book of account ["Light self-moving Rifle"] produced by the european nation armaments manufacturer Fabrique Nationale de Herstal [FN]). The L1A1 is produced nether license and has seen use in the Australian Army, Canadian Army, amerindian Army, island Defence Force, malayan Army, New Zealand Army, african country Army, south-eastern soul military action Force and the British Armed Forces. The original FAL was configured in european nation using measured dimensions, while the components of the "inch-pattern" FALs are factory-made to a slightly modified blueprint victimization a people face fungus units.

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Air Force of Zimbabwe

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