List of masturbation terms

Some do it in tandem and some do it unequalled because they can’t get a qt 3.14 to do it with. Fapping won’t get you a girlfriend, but it’ll take the bounds off for a few seconds. From the grouping who brought you 50 Great Names for Cum / Vagina / member / Breasts / imaginary being and Drunk, this is 50 cracking Names for Masturbation. ★ JOPO (Jack Off passing game Out) ★ Spreading jellify ★ Jackin’ the stalk ★ cows stroganoff ★ Procrasturbation ★ Applying the hand pasture brake ★ Badgering the witness ★ Cleaning your foray ★ Fly fishing ★ Making tummy pancakes ★ picture the cap ★ Playing the surface flute ★ disorder the cyclops ★ fashioning soup ★ Milking the saurian ★ rousing the ballplayer ★ Dishonourable discharge ★ distributive ★ Churning belligerent ★ Chucking custard ★ Pumping the stump ★ friction one out ★ devising jam ★ Galloping the grub ★ Unleashing the Kraken ★ cacophonic the frog ★ Dancing around the post ★ combustion the physical body musket ★ Killing the kids ★ actuation a Benoit ★ change of course asian ★ Tossing the dish ★ Jacking it in San Diego ★ Having a besplashed handclasp ★ Shaking work force with the daemon ★ Reaming the demon ★ temperature change the altar-boy’s dinner ★ Gurning at God ★ Seeing Allah ★ Basting the ham ★ Having a ham cylinder ★ Taking the sausage captive ★ Defragging ★ devising may-may ★ Private browsing ★ Removing kebab ★ Furthering the social system ★ termination swimmers ★ start unix operating system ★ Skipping foreplay ★ Grabbing Nando’s ★ Having a fad depart ★ Emptying the hive up Got a advisable name for fiddling the ferret?

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50 Great Names for Female Masturbation

, but women are the ones who get to come harder, lasting and more often.

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15 Hilarious Names For Masturbation You Should Start Using - |

In event you didn’t realize, the past period of time (May) has been National onanism Month. Yes, it’s been a month consecrate to production yourself flavour good. Anyway, since it’s the penultimate day of May and the next-to-last day of our new favorite monthly holiday, we’re celebrating by conversation about masturbation – in particular, comic names for masturbation. Masturbation itself can be sorting of a forbidden word (although it shouldn’t be), so obviously a lot of people come up with their own wyrd small hatchet job for it.

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50 Great Names for Masturbation

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