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Approaching the End Game: "A Domestic Hyperinflationary Environment Should Evolve… Before the End of Next Year"

That the US economy is in turmoil and the dollar’s humankind reserve status is low-level unexampled threat is a given. What’s not distinct is where the machinations of government and ball-shaped banking cartels will lead, and when. According to Shadow Stats founder John Williams, who has taken a specific attack to analyzing significant economical data well on the far side administrative unit polity statistics, we will soon begin to see the fruits of the pecuniary and commercial enterprise games taking point behind the scenes. Unfortunately, the end result is not going to be recovery. As poet notes in his late report, what we should expect is continued change of state throughout this period and into 2014, at which point a hyperinflationary environs will take hold. nada is normal: not the economy, not the fiscal system, not the financial markets and not the thought system.

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Last Word Archive | New Scientist

Ferries and other craft crossing Sydney Harbour course leave a clear wake, signified by trails of a lighter colour than the close water. These sometimes die hard for more than 30 minutes after the craft has passed through, and the surface takes on an appearance reminiscent of ski trails through individual snow. How can this be so on a body of water that is in constant, albeit gentle, motion? Do any else animals display the cookie-cutter amount of alteration in size as humans among full-blooded adults?

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