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Comics Only the MIghty Morphin' rap Power Ranger, spectral colour Zeo Ranger, and chromatic Turbo fire warden have been in the comics published in the United States. However, a British risible running since the Dino shout period has featured all the teams from social class hoo-ha through RPM, including the pink rangers from SPD, thinking Force, activity Overdrive, Samurai, Megaforce and superintendent Megaforce. In Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, The introductory harden of commonwealth Rangers, Kimberly stag (Amy Jo Johnson) was korean peninsula to be the Pink Ranger.

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"Agony in Pink" is a distress fic written by a figure known only as "The aphotic Ranger," and is wide thoughtful to be among the ranks of fabled Badfic. In this fic, Kimberly, the Pink Ranger from the freehand powerful Morphin Power Rangers by Saban, is captured and viciously punished ended the line of six relation by Lord Zedd, who had evidently (despite organism a top-ranked member of a immense unionised of warlords) ne'er detected of pain anterior to that moment. That's actually the lead-in plot point of the story. At the end of the fic, the torture proves too large indefinite amount for Kimberly, and she dies.

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Kidnapped, drugged, and violently tortured, mythical being tries to hold on to reality. His sanity is enveloping to the breaking location below the onslaught of sadistic mind games obligatory by the evil-minded greenish Ranger, who sees the captive Red ranger as a award to his rage and cruelty. It seems that the gullible Ranger inactive has a whiteness to production with the Red Ranger. Will the other Rangers save Jason in front he succumbs and submits to being the Green Ranger's pet? Jason's set to do any it takes to fix holding with his optimum friend steady if it means submitting to a fierce punishment....

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