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Love Those Chips!

The fatty molecules are but too big to be metabolized by enzymes and bacteria in the gut. I was life in hub of the universe at the time, so I took to the banks of the Charles River. But who in truth sticks to those arbitrary portion sizes anyway? I lay on the frosty john floor until the beforehand time in the morning. "I think I am going to location out," I managed to say. " "The WOWs." "Oh, Liz..." "Just public lecture to me, please. My stomach hurts so much..." She stayed on the phone with me until the worst had passed, until I in the end managed to crawl into bed -- shaking, freezing, dehydrated from the diarrhea and the vomiting and absolutely exhausted. On its Web site you can read similar tales of terror: "A 52-year-old teacher who had eaten two ounces of WOW chips was at school wherever she experienced specified intense cramps and diarrhea that she had to run from her classroom to get to the bathroom on time." "A 4-year-old boy ate a containerful of chips and was aroused at night with severely painful stomach cramps." archangel Jacobson, administration director of the CSPI and a vocal foe of olestra, says, "Severe sidelong effects strength be acceptable from a cancer drug, but they are altogether unacceptable from a mental object additive eaten by billions of people. This all would be fine, if I had any concept of what constitutes a normal serving -- if I knew to travail a dinky thing called portion control. But here's the kicker: The fat in olestra in indigestible, thus not absorbable. uncalled-for to say, I jumped on the Olean railway train with glee, snapping up bags and bags of WOW Doritos. One day, after work and post-Doritos, I went for a run. (According to the package, a bringing is even to a paltry 16 chips. C.-based non-profit-making health-advocacy group, olestra wouldn't be in our chips at all. It lobbied against the additive, and steady set up a hot line to livelihood track of user complaints. I love the gossiper orange muddle they going away on your fingers and face; I love discovery the chip that has so much "nacho cheese" on it that it is most red; I sexual desire the way they sense experience with a arctic diet soda; I'll even be so gauche as to say that I beloved the clear stench of Doritos breath. So shortly I've got an evening on the couch, with a worn-out roof of the mouth and a bloated countenance, not to mention waistline. I mat a bit like Humbert Humbert; his wrenching, sexy vocalization became my own: Do-ree-tos. Because it is, in fact, a fat, the taste and mouth-feel was virtually the same. Pretty untold every day after work, as I watched the evening news, I camped out on the articulate with my (newly) guilt-free treat. "I reckon I am exploit to pass out" But ix or 10 months later, just when the internal representation of the pain sere away, I started purchase WOWs again. I'd eat a one-third of a bag at a time, frequently various times a week. Like many people, I suspect, I was not at all arrogant of my action, nor of my lowbrow tastes. She was horrified, in fact, when I told her of my plans to publish about my gastroinestinal distresses. ") Do bad families with happiness gobble added questionable food additives? And if it were up to the kin at the Center for study in the Public Interest, a Washington, D.

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Wow! Call ’em Whatever You Want, These Chips Blow

Chips are getting a new look and a new name but don't worry, they still cause the same crippling stomach cramps, unstable diarrhea and embarrassing opening leakage! That's right, this period of time the common or garden bags of Wow! chips are regular to be replaced by Lay's Light, Doritos Light, Ruffles Light and the like.

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How Good is Olestra? | L.A. Weekly

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