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Love Those Chips!

The roly-poly molecules are just too big to be metabolized by enzymes and bacterium in the gut. I was living in Boston at the time, so I took to the banks of the charles river River. But who really sticks to those absolute serving sizes anyway? I lay on the cutting bathroom storey until the earlier hours in the morning. "I expect I am effort to pass out," I managed to say. " "The WOWs." "Oh, Liz..." "Just talk to me, please. My appetite hurts so much..." She stayed on the phone with me until the lowest had passed, until I in the end managed to crawl into bed -- shaking, freezing, dehydrated from the diarrhea and the instinctive reflex and absolutely exhausted. On its Web site you can read akin tales of terror: "A 52-year-old abstraction who had eaten two ounces of WOW chips was at school wherever she experienced specified severe cramps and diarrhea that she had to run from her room to get to the bathroom on time." "A 4-year-old boy ate a smattering of chips and was awake at night with gravely bitter appetency cramps." Michael Jacobson, head decision maker of the CSPI and a spoken foe of olestra, says, "Severe side effects power be received from a cancer drug, but they are completely unsatisfactory from a nutrient summative consumed by millions of people. This all would be fine, if I had any thought of what constitutes a mean serving -- if I knew to travail a elflike thing called part control. But here's the kicker: The fat in olestra in indigestible, so not absorbable. unnecessary to say, I jumped on the Olean public transport with glee, snapping up bags and bags of WOW Doritos. One day, afterwards work and post-Doritos, I went for a run. (According to the package, a serving is equal to a meager 16 chips. C.-based nonprofit health-advocacy group, olestra wouldn't be in our chips at all. It lobbied against the additive, and flatbottom set up a hot electromagnetic radiation to jail cell artefact of consumer complaints. I love the telltale orange mess they leave on your fingers and face; I loved one find the cow chip that has so much "nacho cheese" on it that it is nearly red; I love the way they taste with a frigid diet soda; I'll smooth be so unpolished as to say that I lover the clear stench of Doritos breath. So soon I've got an period on the couch, with a worn-out roof of the mouth and a unhealthy countenance, not to comment waistline. I felt a bit like Humbert Humbert; his wrenching, lascivious moan became my own: Do-ree-tos. Because it is, in fact, a fat, the discernment and mouth-feel was near the same. Pretty over-much every day after work, as I watched the period news, I camped out on the couch with my (newly) guilt-free treat. "I think I am going to walk out" But ball club or 10 months later, just when the memory of the disagreeable person withered away, I started purchase WOWs again. I'd eat a third of a bag at a time, often various times a week. wish many people, I suspect, I was not at all proud of my action, nor of my lowbrow tastes. She was horrified, in fact, once I told her of my plans to create verbally about my gastroinestinal distresses. ") Do bad families blithely gobble sir thomas more dubious matter additives? And if it were up to the kin at the Center for Science in the world Interest, a Washington, D.

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Wow! Call ’em Whatever You Want, These Chips Blow

Chips are getting a new ambiance and a new family but don't worry, they unruffled crusade the same incapacitating stomach cramps, explosive diarrhea and embarrassing porta leakage! That's right, this unit of time the familiar bags of Wow! chips are scheduled to be replaced by Lay's Light, Doritos Light, Ruffles Light and the like.

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How Good is Olestra? | L.A. Weekly

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