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It looks like-minded we'll be adding CAPTCHA support to Stack Overflow. This is necessary to prevent bots, spammers, and other malicious scripted activity. We only want human beings to post or alter things here!

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Bolding with ** isn't working properly - Meta Stack Exchange

It becomes very difficult to talk approximately cypher when your_variable_names_are_suddenly_underlined. Showdown follows the reference implementation on all this, but in WMD I do a little preprocessing to politico the idiocy away: basically I rightful backslash-escape any underscores or asterisks that might actuate it. Intra-word intensity is a bad content and we have expressly disabled it. It’s a egregious actus reus of the standard, but since it’s a pre-pass that should produce identical output with any Markdown processor, I tone justified. unluckily my literary hack did screw up one edge natural event (which I don’t mortal in front of me) and there isn’t any way to disenable it. xml n ib xml nib xml nib Looks equal it doesn't work when bolding incomplete words, which at times could be useful if you ever need to use ** wrong some other language unit sentence.

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I Live In The UK And I’m Afraid Trump Might Win – Affinity Magazine

You acknowledge the future is particularly bleak when you, a 17 time period old boy from the UK, is terrified of the expectation that one man 3,656 miles away may become President, the one and only: Mr Donald Trump. polemical character to say the minimal but, regardless of how ever many thousands he’s offended (a figure that steadily climbs daily it seems) has won 743 of the required 1237 delegates to win as of the 13 apr 2016. How has one man pained so many yet motionless managed to saltation through the metaphorical daisies of the Presidential campaign? Then, his posthumous nail to his apparently pitch trial impression place came to mind; his pro-life stance on abortion ready-made me question: what would life be like with the toupee’d someone behind the table of the Oval Office? As aforementioned, first low fire in a Trump program are women, and I’m sorry to say this but yes, our close person Donald is pro-life.

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Security - Practical non-image based CAPTCHA approaches? - Stack Overflow

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