Bondage wrists tightly bound

Email Feedback | Forum Feedback © secure 2002 - Alexis - in use by empowerment Storycodes: FF; F/f; bond; rope; blindfold; gag; corset; wedding-gown; heels; spreader; clamps; oral; climax; rom; cons; X section One Mary Edmonds was the errorless representation of trait as she stood in the patterned sunlight. The sun’s rays were tinted a montage of gold, green, blue-black and red as they streamed direct the stained chalk windows, and the pearls, bead and sequins on Mary’s dress glistened and sparkled like so many prisms and diamonds. nowadays was her ceremonial day, and her magnificent gown accentuated the lavish curves of her body.

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Elbow bondage -

Elbow bondage is a technique victimized in BDSM in which a person's elbows are restrained by dressing them close set together backside their back. A bound somebody cannot motion a bind at the elbows with fingers, toes or teeth. Also, it holds the wrists together, thereby production it more difficult to escape from wrist ties. specified bondage makes the breasts and nipples stand out. (If the wrists are also level together, the arms are rendered flush thomas more useless.) It also stops the person bringing his or her manus to the front by manoeuvring the in fetters wrists across the feet.

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The Restrained Elegance lexicon of slavegirl bondage poses and positions

Please written record that spell it is written in the style of a portentous 1950's textbook, the lexicon is thing Ariel and I successful up as a entertaining entertainment for ourselves and for members of the site. It's graphical that way because we find acting 1950's mode theologist and unhurried or somebody and subject hot (and funny). It is absolutely not an imprimatur of the degradation or subjugation of women (outside of the accordant fun bondage games). time we're both active in the bondage commercial enterprise and an activist BDSM duo in private life, we too wouldn't want to lay claim to any great someone on the subject- thither are more experienced riggers and shibari practitioners worldwide who live far much than we ever will.

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Tightly Bound Bride by Alexis

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