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Zero-hour contracts for 90% of McDonald's staff in UK | Daily Mail Online

A interpreter aforementioned employees are asked during their application process to say which days they can product on and that though all hourly-paid members of staff are on the zero-hours contracts, they are still entitled to benefits. But research suggests this is a large underestimate, and that there is a obscure work force who, in effect, individual no secured shifts or financial gain – making service arrangements and designing assets almost impossible. According to a looking of 1,000 companies by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, one in cinque employed at smallest one person on a zero-hours contract – or a million workers if the results were applied across the country.

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Stripped naked and made to perform a sex act on her boss's fiance: How McDonald's worker fell victim to bizarre and cruel hoax | Daily Mail Online

It was lonesome when another worker demanded Mc Donald's head-office be contacted that faculty realized they had been duped by a speech sound hoaxer who is believed to hold targeted managers of more than 70 fast content outlets across America. On the instruction of Officer Scott', she then got her fiancé Walter Nix, 42, to go along the 'punishment', forcing Ms Ogborn to sit on his lap, have her butt slapped and in conclusion to perform a sex act on him. It was not the original time a hoax leader has managed to convince high-velocity food managers to abuse their force by pretending to be a personnel officer.

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