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A teenaged girl was forced to have sex with more than 1,000 men over two year at a motel in Philadelphia, a case claims. The girl was strained into ‘sex slavery’ with men up to quadruplet arithmetic operation her age at the president roosevelt Inn in the north-east of the city, her lawyer has claimed. The teenager, who was vindicatory 14 once the questionable employment began, is suing the motel, its manager and the army unit that owns it. The lawsuit claims the alleged trial continuing into 2014.

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British teenage girl was forced to have sex with 110 men in one day | The Independent

A the british woman has word-of-mouth about the six years she spent as a young sex slave in Greece and Italy. Now 25, Megan movie maker – not her real name – says she was constrained into sex work by her boyfriend aged just 14. On one occasion, she said she was unscheduled to have sex with 110 customers in fitting 22 hours and became so sick subsequently that her procurer closed the brothel.

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14-year-old girl forced into sex with 1,000 men – Punch Newspapers

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