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You awaited the glowy skin and beautiful bump -- believably not the fidgety boobs or additional gas. Here, we've got the lowdown on everything you've been dying to ask just about your all but blush-worthy physiological state issues. The Cause: As the baby grows, space becomes clenched in your belly.

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6 Unusual Vaginal Fluids Decoded If You're Not Sure What's Going On Down There

It's a self-cleaning, tissue-shedding, lubricating ecosystem of bacteria, yeast, and glitter. But but because what we are astir to discourse about is not really very, well, glittery: I'm talking about weird duct fluids and what they mean for your reproductive health. You might think vagina ownership is just a pain, and sometimes it is, but once you in truth break it down, your lady flower pot is more like a garden of wonders. The stuff that comes out of it is fair a daily construct of life for almost women.

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Help! Im worried about this Clear Watery Fluid Gushing out of my Vagina? - Women's Health - MedHelp

I rich person gushed one time, solar day and and so it seemed to pokey down. It started out in smaller amout (more like a leak) but selfsame noticeable, and increased. yore and today I individual been leaking this Clear runny from vagina.

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21 Most Embarrassing Pregnancy Problems

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