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I am a light-skinned female. Why is my vagina dark? | U by Kotex

I’m active to say those words that everyone hates to hear, or well, read -- everyone is different and unique. on that point is no perfect epithelial duct or a specific color or shape, I promise. The front thing that came to my recollection once I verbalize your question was all of us are not “made to order.” We are from each one unique and the color everyplace depends on the level of pigment or melatonin in our skin. If it’s hunky-dory with your mom or guardian, take a look at the production Body Drama by city Redd; it rocked this old mom’s world. I had never seen up close how different we all are until page 118.

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I am 18. My pubic area is really black and is darker than my skin. My vagina is dark and with wrinkled lips. Is this normal? Doctor Answers, Tips

It can be intrinsic to your skin, or you may have had inflammation from shaving or waxing, different trauma or even just chafing. Topical with efficacious ingredients that hold been tried to brighten skin and spread colourise can tardily proper the problem. These ingredients include retinol, glycolic acid, hydroquinone, niacinamide, nourishment C, and kojic acid.

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