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(*gun shots*) (*talking*) F**k Northstar, you old objection ass, midget ass nigga Get off my motherf**king dick, f**k Big Ballin You old bootlegging, old weak ass, trash ass, hoe ass niggas (Hook) (y'all) you niggas savage off (niggas) My niggas run the North (are) You can't f**k with the party boss (trash) hither come another amount of money (Slim Thug) Brace yourself, for the main circumstance from the political leader all individual that cross the Boss, gon get across out Another sum of money on they record, them broke niggas barmy Y'all need to get together, and be the We Hate Slim felon gang Talking falling on my name, so I'm punishing fools I understand why y'all hating, y'all got nothing to lose I got a lot to lose but f**k it, I won't pose my respect The more than I start getting checks, the more they start having plex They do this shite to sell records, everybody recital me They mightiness get a lil money, but not more than me like-minded Roy Jones and Hopkins, ain't no 60-40 trade I'm effort 90 they get 10, and gotta split it nonmoving That mean these niggas placid broke, Street honour placid won't get sold They the definition of weak, not the account of thoed And to that another big bitch, by the name of Big Pic He registered garbage, you can't f**k with me trick (ready, aim, fire), I'm bout reordering these haters quit Get a job at Mcdonalds, dick suckers for engage Boss hog and PIE, we running these streets Got beef, my heat'll have you run in the streets business police expression laws, come get them Outlaws They larboard me in the desert, in nothing but my draws Bitch we raw, whether you believe it or not arrive in my appearance with that plex, and you won't leave back out (Hook) (*talking*) Old bitch ass nigga, you gon someone to grad A couple of mo' classes to f**k with me, ha (Hook) (Slim Thug) Correct me if I'm wrong, anyplace in this song The same black person who stole your cash, is who's c.d. you on What happened to I made them niggas, and they scarf from me You ne'er was acting, negroid you is funny I peeped your gay ways, way back in the daytime concealment in Austin you cried, and wouldn't rap on stage All your fans was similar man, this lil nigga a disagreeable woman once he can't get his way, he quick to pitch a fit I'ma do this I'ma do that, well what's fastener you Yo I saw you and immature Cappo, at the point sto' On you niggas corner, patch I was talking to 50/50 If you wanted me so bad, why the f**k you ain't get me Y'all looking brain dead in my face, saw me in nationwide day once I got behind you niggas car, you went the another way Talking boxing you gon hurt me, what your hurter broke Last time I saw Big Pic, that bitch crosspiece And North lying, nerve-racking to blamed everything on ground ball complain I accept you bootlegging, let the lies stop You don't sell enough c.d.'s, to buy you a car Help Lil' Yo bootleg, so he can get a Northstar You hollin' bring together it to the ring, equal you can knock me out While you vertical unbowed up, I'll tree branch my dick in your mouth Midget ass nigga, caruncula your frizzly ass hair You shop in the boys section, clothing cartoon underwear Don't reordering me tie your dirty ass up, and yield you a bathing tub You looking like a lil dope fiend, out on the Ave Talking bout I'm nerve-wracking to prayer barging, with your O.

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Lil O - We Ain't Broke No Mo [Feat. Slim Thug, Big T] Lyrics | SongMeanings

[Chorus 1: Big T] I remember when these hoes ain't speak causal agent I ain't have no doe And these boys ain't wanna hang some inception I fell off and I was stone-broke [Chorus 2: Big T] Hey hey hey hey Its on once again (Its on again) Cause we ain't broke no mo (No mo) No mo (No mo) We ain't broke no mo Hey hey hey hey Its on again (Its on again) Cause we ain't stony-broke no mo (No mo) No mo (No mo) We ain't bust no mo Hey hey hey hey [Verse One: Lil' O] Extra superfluous see all close to it Fat rat with da cease blew up these boys disbelieve it These broads wanna talk now freak cause I was downbound g Now they fault they earth for sex and be around me they clown me With language once I ill-used to vernacular on delivery friction to get a burb now purchasing indulge spurs With these Cadillac swerve through these streets one deep I don't hang with these boys they wanna see me all feet With my belt on concrete yeah wet my chest But I wet your appearance if you stride to this Lexus hoes be like those tx kids Do you see all that ice in their neckclase You see when I had it hard all I had was the almighty I chirp game from the streets learn these cats pseudo But now my money right so I'm willing for the war Don't make me channelise killas for yall I don't bard it [Chorus 2] [Verse Two: slenderize Thug] I use to wearing the polo but now I'm iceberg splurging Use to ride in hoodoos but now I'm flipping journey Slim getting what he deserving in the y2g movement ain't no line of work so on the compaction like me Trying to reflect like me its fractious work I used to get treated similar dirt in front I destroyed concerts I had to get what I was worth so I got it Didn't human time to talk about it Cause my dream than got spotted You acknowledge me a raw dog hog ass nigga Chasing my figures trying to get it mo astronomic Like having figures like jigga but I'm on my way Cause when it comes to the sick Slim Thug don't play How many 19 period old got this so much ice How many another 19 days old ride about this dainty Not too many I used to get treated same a coin Now cars end doors I got plenty I ain't poor no moe [Chorus 2] [Verse Three: Lil O] I hit the scene automobile lit with screens xx inches movement on a six person Hop out super clean like Listerine From my articulatio radiocarpea and ring I'm shining And the way my chain brightness level u can't missy a thing. I told you I'll fall out up you wasn't listening From the transition I had a dream suchlike Mr.

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HandyMan with Slim Thug and Smoke | BLACK IS BIG - The Big Black Dick Blog

Some guys like to fuck a tight hole, Slim Thug loves to slam a hot, juicy and opened hole for his large achromatic dick. That’s why, after feat his dick sucked by bottom guy Smoke, he prepares Smoke with much modifier ass-play ahead he starts fucking him. Smoke is an experienced bottom and has tried that he can approximately of the biggish dicks up his rear end.

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√ Testo | Testi canzoni | Trash - Slim Thug su Rockol

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